Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Questions about where to find courses or resources? 
Q: Are you having trouble retrieving your password or remembering your username?
Q: Did you receive a message stating your account is inactive or your membership has expired? 
Q: Have you moved to a different organization or military installation? 
Q: Do I need to create a new OLC account?

Contact KIT at or call us at 858.225.5693 or 858.225.5689 and we can help!   

If you have problems viewing a course, please follow these recommendations:

  • If using a tablet or smartphone, we recommend downloading a free app called Dolphin or  Dolphin Web Browser for iPad. This browser works well with the OLC when using these devices. 
  • If the course cannot open in new window, turn off popup blockers to avoid the issue. 
  • If you are having trouble accessing courses or if a course or quiz appears distorted on your PC, clear your browsing history, delete cookies, and refresh your page before logging back on.  
  • If you are still experiencing trouble, please contact KIT at or call us at 858.225.5693 or 858.225.5689.